Committed to providing riders with a supportive learning opportunity to experience and compete in the sport of Eventing.

The levels offered are Grasshopper Combined Test (dressage and stadium only), Elementary Combined Test (dressage and stadium only), Elementary, Beginner Novice and Novice. The cross country courses are meant to build confidence in horse and rider.  Jumps are inviting and are appropriate to the levels.  The terrain provides a more challenging ride, as it is hilly.

At the Lyme Horse Trials riders will encounter the same jumping questions as those in the upper levels of eventing. The types of jumps on our courses include houses, tables, benches, hogsbacks, helsinkis, banks, ditches, drop jumps and some “just for fun” fixed obstacles (our famous Lizard jumps and Wagon jump). However, we do not use any jumps which may overface any horse and rider who have entered at the appropriate level.

Lyme Horse Trials prides itself on providing an opportunity for riders to learn and compete in a low key, supportive atmosphere over well-built courses, with the added bonus of spectacular Connecticut River views.