Lyme Horse Trials at Lord Creek Farm

August 23, 2015

Pre-Event Cross Country Course Preparation:  (As many volunteers as possible!)  Occurs ongoing throughout the spring and summer, volunteer for one session or several sessions! Includes raking, branch trimming, painting, etc.  Work parties will be organized by Susan Ballek, Cross Country Steward, based on volunteer availability,

Rider Packet Prep (4 – 6  volunteers) Preparation of rider packets and paperwork, usually the Thursday or Friday before the event.

Thursday/Friday/Saturday Set-Up Crew:  (6 to 12 volunteers) Includes Dressage Ring Set-up, unloading Stadium jumps, assisting in dressing the cross country course, setting up PA system and tables.  No experience needed!

Parking Attendant:  (2 – 4 volunteers) Directs trailers to specific parking spaces.  Starts early AM and can be done in 2 hour shifts.  VERY important and an easy way to volunteer for a short period of time and really help!

Assistant Secretary: (1 volunteer, AM from 7 – 10) Assists secretary in AM set-up and handing out rider packets.

Assistant Scorer:  Works with head scorer to calculate dressage test scores, compile cross-country and stadium results, and post scores.

Dressage Scribe:  (2 volunteers, morning shift)  Sits with the dressage judge and writes their scores and comments.  Fabulous dressage learning experience from a ringside seat!

Dressage Ring Steward:  (4 volunteers) Gets horses into the ring at assigned times, conducts bit and safety checks (explanation provided).  The ideal way to watch dressage!

Dressage Test Runner: (2 volunteer) Carries dressage tests from rings to scorer’s booth.

Stadium Warm-up Steward:  (2 volunteers) Keeps track of riders in jump warm up area, supervises safe and orderly jumping, keeps track of rider order and sends riders to Stadium Area in a timely fashion.

Stadium Scribe:  Sits with the Stadium Judge, records jump score for each rider.  Great way to be in the center of the action for Stadium jumping, best seat in the house!

Stadium Timer:   (2 volunteers) Uses a stopwatch to time jumping rounds.

Stadium Steward: (2 per event) Gets horses into the ring in their assigned order, manages in gate.  Requires use of a walkie-talkie.

Stadium Jump Crew: (3-4 volunteers), assist with set-up of the stadium course.  Familiarity with jumps helpful but not required, setup occurs the Friday/Saturday prior to the horse trials. Great learning experience on how to approach a fence and learn your distances for jumping a stadium course…

Stadium Ring Crew: (1-2 volunteers) Replace rails after knock downs, and assist with course changes between divisions.

Cross Country Warm Up Steward:  (2 volunteers)  Manages warm up jump area and order of go for riders, uses walkie talkie to communicate to starter, sends riders down to cross country start box in timely manner.

Cross-Country Fence Judge:  (25+ volunteers) Please sign up early!!  We can’t run the event without fence judges.  Please confirm your attendance as soon as possible!  Sits at assigned cross-country fence and records clear jumps, falls and refusals.  May be required to use a walkie-talkie.  Will be placed with experienced fence judge if new to job.  A wonderful way to watch horse and rider teams jump through the countryside.

Clean up! Sunday afternoon approximately 3:30 to 5 PM.  Take down and put away PA systems, tables, tent, supplies; collect and empty trash barrels and recycling barrels; help load jump rails and standards onto trailer.

For more information about volunteering click on the SIGN UP tab, or please contact:

Megan Ellis at (860) 434-1974; mellis@highhopestr.org